Nautilus Travel is the ideal partner for marine and offshore industries and other organisations whose work requires extensive travelling. Our goal is to meet all your needs and expectations for flexible travel services, at most reasonable, specially negotiated prices- at short notice where necessary – guaranteeing the highest standard of service.

Our partner contracts ensure that any bookings may be changed or refunded where possible according to company policy. 

Nautilus Travel’s head office is in Tallinn, Estonia.

Nautilus Travel is a specialist providing  all travel services required anywhere in the world. We can find solutions where other companies might not. Whether you need to arrange a flight, train, bus or any other mode of transport, your accommodation at destination, travel insurance or anything else you may require: conference premises and organisation, guided cultural, historical, nature tours, car rental, interpreting services etc – Nautilus Travel should be your first port of call!

Contact us or fill in the request form  to find out more about our terms and conditions for our services and contract negotiation.

Our team members have over 15 years of experience between them. Our 24/7 service translates to fast and reliable assistance. Whether it is just one crew member, a ship or a whole fleet with travel needs – we can provide the solutions.